Software Trading (Advisor)

Robot Advisor Licenses

Our partner ALFA ROBO has developed robots with special algorithms in its software operation over the past decade. The strategies tried and tested over the years have been successfully used by brokers on the stock exchange. The software specialists and forex analysts work on the systems on a daily basis, monitor trading and constantly develop the systems further. The market and development never stands still. The software has been used profitably for years exclusively in the EUR/USD currency pair we offer.

The software

The software works reliably and verifiably successfully because, in contrast to most software advisers, it works fully automatically. If you want to use a Forex robot that will generate you an adequate income regardless of the market conditions, then you can realize it with this software solution. The software experience shows a stable monthly profit in the trade over the years, since working with absolutely low risk and consistent risk management is practiced. 

We recommend every customer not to make trades that are disproportionate to the risk management.


The service

  • Free installation and commissioning of the software at the broker
  • Setting up your personal trading area at the broker
  • Software monitoring and updating
  • Individual license agreements

Features of the trading software

The trading software used on the MetaTrader was developed by proven experts. The innovative trading software has been used successfully for years. The algorithms and robots used are constantly monitored and further developed.


The trading strategy of the software is adapted to the global market situation on a daily basis. Due to the high level of security management, the traded volume is set very conservatively. In difficult market situations, our experts decide when and for how long the software should be switched off for security reasons. 

  • Acts according to a pre-programmed strategy.
  • Doesn't let emotions guide you.
  • Has no greed for higher trading successes
  • Automatic evaluations

Since the Forex market offers an unmanageable number of currency pairs, we have focused specifically on one currency pair (EUR / USD). The euro-dollar currency pair is one of the main currency pairs in forex trading. The relative stability of this currency pair is based on the strength and size of the economies on which these currencies are based. Important main features are: 
- low spreads 
- small fluctuations
- high stability

Benefits of the software

The system is designed to connect the external robot software with the MetaTrader.

The customer can view his trading platform 24/7 at the broker and track the monthly profits.

There are very few investment methods that offer such a high level of transparency. The customer has online access and control over his trading account at all times (24/7).
Customers can top up their accounts, reduce the capital invested or request full repayment of their balance at any time.

The MetaTrader is an international standard used by all participating brokers worldwide. This has been the stock market standard for years.

Enabling your trading account to MetaTrader will activate the trading robots for your trading account. 

You can stop automated trading at any time via our support.