Company formations and Emirates ID in Dubai

We answer all your questions in detail.

You will also get the information from us that you do not even ask for, since you cannot exactly know the requirements in the UAE - Dubai. Many people end up abandoning their Dubai venture because of problems they weren't told about at the beginning. For example, about the difficulty of setting up an account for your company. We accompany you until the completion of all tasks and take care of all concerns and inquiries without long waiting times.

Our Service

When we founded our company for the first time, we had to realize that although you can find a lot of offers on the Internet, a great many things come up during the implementation that there was no information about before. Completely refrain from adding costs that nobody has talked about before. You spend a lot of waiting time in the hotel without being informed about the timetable. Or you have to leave and fly to Dubai again.

We have decided to offer a complete service. We accompany our customers to all appointments where they have to be present in person. 

We carefully prepare everything in consultation with you so that the process runs smoothly. Our team has very good direct contacts to all the necessary authorities. 

We'll leave you with that too account creation not alone. 

company formations

There are many important things to consider when setting up a company in the UAE. We help you to prepare the individual steps and accompany you in all administrative procedures

Visa, Emirates ID

Relocate the center of your life to Dubai and benefit from the numerous advantages that the UAE has to offer you. We will be happy to explain what you need to consider.

medical check

In Dubai, every "resident" has to do a small medical check-up every three years. We take care of the scheduling and of course accompany you.

Driver's license

As a resident, you can no longer drive in the UAE with your driver's license. You also need the Arabic driver's license. We tell you exactly what to do.


In order to obtain an Arabic ID, you must present yourself to the immigration authorities. This is where your data is collected and your Emirates ID is prepared.

Mobile Phone Number

An Arabic cell phone number should not be missing. We will be happy to recommend cheap mobile phone providers and explain what you need to consider.

Open your own company in UAE, Dubai
Get started in just 4 steps

Based on your business needs, determine the type of company.

Choose a company name and prepare with us the paperwork that you need to submit to the government agencies for approval.

Apply with us for a business license according to the nature of your company and its activities.

Open your corporate bank account with a major international bank in Dubai so that you can conduct your business activities smoothly.

What you should know

Steps to starting a business

Starting a business is remarkably easy if you prepare properly and have a good local partner. Our experts offer a lot of help. Basically, the process is divided into five essential steps. 


How do I get my Emitarates ID - Visa

There are many ways to obtain an Emirates ID. With the founding of the company, one receives the right to a visa and can purchase various contingents. In turn, there are prerequisites for the company structure. 

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How do I set up my accounts - company & private

Once the Emirates ID is in place, the private account can be easily set up. The Emirates ID is not absolutely necessary to set up the company account, but there is a lot to consider with the company.


Get an overview

List of free zones

To found the company in Dubai to make it attractive for entrepreneurs who do not want to go down the path with a domestic partner, there is Free Trade Zones in Dubai. There are currently 47 Free Trade Zones in the UAE, of which 27 in Dubai lie.

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list of activities

Look at the list of activities for your company and choose something that suits you.

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We are also there for you after the foundation

Visa extension, license extension etc.

After successfully setting up a company and obtaining all the required documents, you can start navigating Dubai. New questions keep coming up. We will help you at all times to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Be it buying a vehicle, registering an apartment with EJARI, questions about real estate and many everyday things. 

Why do I need support to set up